freep graphic 450Nathan Bomey writes breaking business news, autos and enterprise stories for USA TODAY, which he joined in June 2015. He previously covered Detroit’s bankruptcy and General Motors for the Detroit Free Press. Before that, he was a reporter for and community newspapers in Michigan. Here are some of his recent articles and a selection of past stories.

USA Today

  • How did pollsters get Trump, Clinton election so wrong?
  • Results call future of political polling into question
  • Trump gets his chance to be 'greatest jobs president' 
  • Trump slams Boeing deal for new Air Force One 
  • Behind the wheel of Uber's self-driving car: 'Frightening and exhilarating' 
  • $1 billion annual boost: Big Tobacco breathing easier 
  • Online brokerages creak under weight of stock market sell-off 
  • What’s bad for China is bad for U.S. 
  • Is your car vulnerable to hackers? 
  • Ford invention fights pesky and harmful invader: spiders 
  • Op-ed: Detroit's lesson — 2016 candidates can't ignore $60 trillion debt 
  • Low oil prices end 21st century gold rush 
  • Obama administration takes aim at corporate mergers, inversions 
  • FTC sues Volkswagen over 'deceptive' diesel claims 
  • Martin Shkreli pleads the Fifth, then tweets about 'imbeciles' in Congress 
  • Toyota kills ailing Scion brand 
  • Puerto Rico governor: No pension cuts to fix crisis 
  • 'Frozen,' 'Star Wars' fuel Band-Aid comeback for Johnson & Johnson 

Detroit Free Press

  • How Detroit went broke  
  • Meet Detroit's leading bankruptcy opponent (and it's not pensioners)  
  • Judge rules Detroit eligible for historic Chapter 9 bankruptcy, says pensions can be cut  
  • Detroit bankruptcy judge denies proposal to pay off disastrous debt deal  
  • Rosies return one last time to former bomber plant in Ypsilanti  
  • Temp jobs flood Michigan as economy recovers

  • Borders plans to liquidate, ending 40-year-old bookstore chain
  • Did Rick Snyder ship jobs overseas while at Gateway?


  • Nathan has appeared on many TV and radio news shows,
    including MSNBC, BBC, 760 WJR. Here is a recent interview: